Want to be selfish AND build good karma at the same time? How gratitude and giving thanks can improve your mood and mindset

Have you said thank you to anyone today?

Gratitude has been PROVEN to improve depression and our moods in general!

In this episode, I share my top ways to cultivate gratitude, including at times when you just can’t feel it! I also offer some great reasons for being grateful in the first place!


0-3: Introductions, and how to get my FREE booklet!

3-6: The selfishness of gratitude, and my own practice of expressing thanks.

6-26: Eight ways in which I try to cultivate feeling grateful in my own life, including the importance of showing gratitude to our own bodies and minds. 

26-42: Advice for the times when you’re too down to focus on what you’re grateful for. My eight top tips for finding what we’re thankful for, despite feeling depressed or low. 

42-46: Quote of the episode

46-54: Reasons to be grateful, including plenty of scientific research that backs up the fact that being more thankful can change our mood and mindset. 

54-57: A little bit of homework for you! Screenshot the episode and share with me on Instagram three things you’re grateful for!

Quote of the Episode

The moment you begin to worry about the things you want and the things you don’t have in life is the moment you will lose your gratitude… The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times.

Zig Ziglar


FREE guide to my TOP TEN motivational tips for a better life

Intelligent Change Co’s Five Minute Journal (Intelligent Change Co, who ship to USA and UK)

Intelligent Change Co’s Five Minute Journal (via Amazon UK)

Dr Adi Jaffe – My own coach, and proponent of gratitude practices

Seth Mattison – Motivational speaker

My Nature Pinterest board focussed on finding wellness through being outside

My Gratitude Pinterest board featuring all sorts of ideas on how to give thanks

Seligman’s study about happiness, depression and effects of positive psychology

Jans-Beken’s study into subjective wellbeing, when performing a gratitude practice

Jiang’s study into subjective wellbeing, and how belief in a just world improves it

Adam Smith’s declaration of gratitude being needed for a stable society

Dunaev’s research into how gratitude improves our body image

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