Why Sleep Matters, and Caffeine Isn’t Always Our Energising Friend

I am NOT great with sleep routines, or sleep hygiene, or sticking to the things I know help me sleep better. 

The research I did for today’s Wednesday Wellness episode was as much for me as for YOU!

Is caffeine bad for you? Well… it turns out that it may not be the best option for those of us suffering with a lack of sleep.

Hopefully this will remind you why we should all be focussed on making it as close as we can to eight hours a night.

Research Links

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David Calhoun and Susan Harding’s research on sleep and hypertension

CA Thomson et al’s research on sleep and weight loss

A Naska et al’s research into napping and coronary heart disease

Reiden Ursun’s research into serotonin production during waking and sleeping phases

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