Ready to lift up the hood? Kaizen, the continual improvement of car manufacture, and how you can apply it to your life!

My word of the year for 2019 is “kaizen”, the Sino-Japanese word that means “improvement”. 

The process of continuous improvement has made incredible changes in my life, allowing me to start focussing on “how can I make this action / behaviour / decision better next time?”.

I share my experience with the concept of kaizen / continuous improvement, and also give you some ideas of how to apply it in your own life.


0-7: Defining ‘kaizen’. How it originated at Toyota, and the process that they undertook at the car factories.

7-16: How we can apply the standardisation concept of kaizen in real life.

16-23: Kaizen doesn’t entail any notion of completion. 

23-31: My suitcase packing analogy, and how it’s okay to try different methods to try and find improvements in our lives. Dr Adi Jaffe’s 1% Principle – taking baby steps to progress in recovery / abstinence programmes.

31-36: The ease of measurability in kaizen, and ways in which you can apply the ability to measure time / distance etc to make kaizen more applicable in everyday life.

36-40: Looking at innovation, and how one of my dogs has totally benefitted from kaizen in doggy dental care!

40-44: Quote of the episode.

44-55: My personal experiences with using kaizen, how I’ve learnt to prioritise, and bought into the 80/20 Pareto Effect alongside kaizen. The one question I now regularly ask myself.

55-57: Conclusions.

Quote of the Episode

You can’t do kaizen just once or twice and expect immediate results. You have to be in it for the long haul.

Masaaki Imai


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