10 Reasons We Should Be Meditating Based on the Science, And My 5 Tips For How to Start A Meditation or Mindfulness Practise

Ever meditated or tried mindfulness? I REALLY struggle with quieting my mind enough to concentrate on doing it!

Here are my top 10 reasons – all researched! – of how we can all benefit from meditating, both physically and psychologically… including its effect on depression and anxiety! The science of meditation is very convincing!

And I share my top 5 tips on getting started with a regular meditation practise!!

Research Links

Lee et al’s research suggesting meditation benefits diabetes type 2 patients, and reduces LDL cholesterol in hypertension

Park and Han’s research into meditation for blood pressure

Wachholtz et al’s research into the effects of meditation on migraine

Saeed et al’s research into yoga and mindfulness-based meditation’s effect on depression and anxiety

Blum et al’s research into levels of anxiety before and after mindful meditation, in adolescents

Carpena et al’s research into the use of a six-week mindfulness course for depression and anxiety

Jones et al’s research into how mindful meditation affects people’s coping abilities

Chan et al’s research into mindfulness meditation for older adults

Rusch et al’s research into how meditation may improve sleep

John Kabat-Zinn’s meditation / mindfulness guides

Headspace app

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