Are you at ‘inbox zero’? Why are we so OBSESSED with measuring ourselves against numbers that mean nothing in wellbeing and addiction recovery

Are you baking a cake?

If not, then you do not need a constant, obsessive focus on NUMBERS!

In today’s podcast, I discuss ways in which we might turn away from always looking at and comparing numbers, and finding methods based on quality rather than quantity.


0-3: Introduction

3-12: Some areas where numbers seem to have become prevalent in modern life. 

12-20: How personal achievement is more important than comparing our exercise / weight-lifting numbers to other people’s. 

20-25: Sobriety and why “days clean” is not the best measurement protocol.

25-30: Social media follower numbers – do they really matter?

30-34: Inbox zero, DM numbers, and the pressure we put on ourselves about the quantity of engagement we have with others. 

34-37: The focus on earnings vs outgoings, and whether they really mean more than happy users of a service

37-43: What energy are we creating when we share OUR numbers? And what energy are we absorbing when we measure ourselves against those of others?

43-46: How we are driven by social media, conventional media, clickbait, workout programs, family, friends, to become obsessed with numbers.

47-49: Quote of the episode.

49-56: Ways we can change, and view things as QUALITATIVE, rather than quantitative. Numbers don’t matter as much as emotions.

56-58: The ONLY place where numbers matter!

58-59: Conclusions.

Quote of the Episode:

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.


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