The Lost Art of Creativity, The Science Behind It, and 10 Ways to Get Your Crafting Mojo Back!

In today’s episode, I talk about the scientific benefits for both mind (memory, cognitive function, sleep – and more!) and body (immunity, who knew?!).

I also give you my top ten tips for getting back into art / craft / creation after a hiatus! I lost motivation to craft, and it really left me with a gap in my life – I didn’t even realise it was there, until I rediscovered my crafting mojo!

Research Links

H. Noice et al, on how theatre performance improved psychological and cognitive wellbeing

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E. Moore, et al, on how musical training improves brain connectivity

D. Gussak, on the use of art therapy for prisoners’ depression

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H. Stuckey et al, on how public health services may improve patient experience with creativity

K. J. Petrie et al, on the improvement of immunity levels in HIV patients engaged in journalling

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