Are you INVESTING in those baked beans or just BUYING them? The top questions I ask myself before I make an investment – and my view on the importance of investing time, self-love and money in yourself

In today’s podcast, we discuss how you need to INVEST IN YOURSELF TO IMPROVE YOURSELF.

I want you to realise that investment isn’t only about money – it’s also about time, self-love, energy that you give to yourself! When we ask “Is it worth it?” we’re really asking “Am I worth it?”

Meanwhile, I share with you the questions I ask myself before any investment, and why I need to be more objective with myself sometimes!

We also address the protests you’re BOUND to have, when thinking about this area of your life – I know, I’ve been there!!

Just remember: whatever the investment, you are worth it.


0-3: Introduction

3-7: Defining ‘buying’ versus ‘investing’, where money is concerned.

7-11: How rituals can be enhanced by certain investments – the (albeit bizarre!) baked beans example.

11-12: What shapes our money mindset, and how we are effected in later life by early experiences and attitudes towards saving / spending.

12-13: Is money abundance about energy?

13-14: Investment can mean things other than money!! 

14-17: Why we need to learn objectivity, if we are going to have a healthy mindset around money.

17-21: Defining ‘abundance’ and ‘scarcity’ in terms of our money mindset, and how we might rethink our language.

21-30: The current obsession: SAVING! But what are the true benefits of that money you save?

31-33: The Protests to Why You’re Not Investing!! And how we can tackle every one of them! How we can analyse ourselves into the realisation that sometimes investment is a necessity!

33-45: The questions I ask myself before any investment.

45-50: Two examples from my own life, where thinking long-term has worked for me in terms of investment!

50-51: Conclusions.  

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