Time To Put Those Records On! How Music Can Change Your Life, From Birth To Old Age, Along With My Top Ideas On How To Find The Perfect Playlist For Your Mood

I was SO excited researching for this episode – I simply hadn’t realised the POWER of music, physiologically, psychologically, and at all stages of life (even if you’re just a neonate – yes, really!!).

The episode looks at my own experiences with music, as well as scientific research that backs up why we should all stop dwelling in silence. I was especially drawn to the use of music for anxiety.

Put those records on!

Research Links

Dr Adi Jaffe – my coach, and the person who reminded me of how powerful music can be!

T English et al. on exercise performance in heated conditions, when accompanied by music

Sky News – How a McDonald’s used classical music to reduce anti-social behaviour.

R. A. Capparez-Gonsalez, et al, on how music may calm premature infants

P Pérez-Ros et al, on effectives of music on cognitive impairment in the elderly

S. M Ritter et al, on how music may forge creativity

N. Talwar et al, on effects of music therapy on in-patients with schizophrenia

J. M. Groarke et al, on how music mitigates negative mood in older and younger adults

A Raglio et al, on how daily music listening may reduce work-related stress

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