It’s Grrrrrreat! How breakfast can increase your mood, decrease your disease risk, and help you live longer!

I’ve previously published an episode on intermittent fasting, but today I want to look at the importance of breakfast in our lives. 

I found tonnes of research suggesting that we really should be thinking of breakfast as the most important meal of the day! Find out more in this podcast about the decreased risks of cardiovascular disease, increased sleep and mood benefits, and even increased positive body image: all from one simple meal!

Research Links

Wilde About Wellbeing episode on Intermittent Fasting

D Jakubowicz, et al., on high calorie breakfast vs high calorie dinner for better glucose tolerance

A Ballon, et al,on increased risk of type ii diabetes in those who skip breakfast

S. I. Barr et al, on Canadian adults’ breakfast habits vs their BMI

Y. Kubota et al, on Japanese adults’ breakfast habits and reduced risk of stroke

S. Rong, et al, on long-term study of US adults, finding that breakfast skipping entails increased risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease

US Army on how breakfast frequency can improve sleep, mood and eating habits

S Zhu et al, on how breakfast may reduce chronic inflammation / risk of CVD in Chinese adults

H J Lee et al, on risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and breakfast consumption in Korea

V Winter Ramseyer, et al, on how eating breakfast together may improve adolescents’ sense of body image

T Miki et al, on the correlation between breakfast frequency and risk of depression

T A O’Sullivan et al, on how breakfast quality may affect mental health in adolescents

Wilde About Wellbeing episode on Probiotics / Prebiotics

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