12 science-backed reasons why you need a purpose in life

This is the first in a trio of episodes on the topic of PURPOSE!

Have you found your purpose in life?

This episode gives a whopping TWELVE reasons how having a purpose in life can improve your wellness journey.

Finding purpose will change your life.

Today’s episode is all about the science of purpose in life, and the research behind it.

Research Links

CD Ryff et al, on how purpose in life may effect cholesterol and obesity levels

PA Buchman et al, on the reduced risks of cognitive impairment in those with a purpose in life 

Abramoski et al, on how adolescents’ type of purpose in life has a bearing on their risk to use substances in later life

Hafez, D. Et al, on lower risk of Type II Diabetes in those with a purpose in life

JH Hong, et al, on Asian-American, Black and Hispanic young adult populations’ lowered risk of suicidal ideation with a purpose in life

Kim et al, on sleep disturbance in adults with and without purpose in life

SM Schaefer et al, on how purpose in life may increase resilience to negative stimuli

RA Martin et al, on purpose in life as a possible factor for those in recovery from cocaine use 

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