Gravestones, Social Media, Meditation: How to find your PURPOSE in life!

This is the final episode of a trio on the topic of PURPOSE!

Have you found your purpose in life? What is your life’s mission?

Today’s episode offers some ideas of how to DISCOVER your purpose! 


0-6: Introduction, summary of previous episodes.

6-9: Going back in time to find our purpose, including my most memorable memories from my childhood.

9-11: Are there things in your life you’re doing RIGHT NOW that might contribute to your purpose in life?

11-13: What or who are you most grateful for? The greatest gift in my life that I’m so incredibly grateful to have.

13-15: Do your social media posts subconsciously suggest what your purpose might be?

15-17: Never feel guilty for wanting to avoid certain purposes / people who drain you, etc. 

17-20: What feels AWESOME to you? Could it be your purpose?!

20-22: We need to read more – fiction, non-fiction, find characters we identify with, see how people can behave.

22-24: If I could do anything, what would it be?

24-28: The macabre approach to thinking about what your purpose might be… 

28-31: Look at everything you enjoy: do they share a common theme? 

31-33: You can’t explore your purpose by sitting on your sofa!

33-39: Vision boards, visualisations, journals, meditation: all your best friends!

39-42: Quote of the episode

42-47: How to start exploring the potential purpose ideas you’ve come up with without judgement, time constraint or fear!

47-51: Five practical tips for working out your exact purpose.

51-52: Conclusions

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso

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