The power of community in mental wellbeing and addiction recovery

This is the first in a trio of episodes on the topic of COMMUNITY, and the importance of finding our ‘tribe’!

Today’s episode explains some of the research behind how socializing in a community is beneficial for us, and why we should be aiming for it!

Did you know, for example, that people who are engaging with others regularly live longer – for an average 2.5 years?! Mind. Blown.

There are lots of addiction recovery methods – and the vast majority include some kind of group interaction… We need that reminder that we are not alone in anything we are going through.

Research Links

Bruce Alexander, on the ‘rat park’ that led to lower levels of drug consumption in rats

JE Marver, et al, on how quality friendships reduce the risk of suicide

KK Wiesel et al, on why high symptom individuals do not need to be excluded from online stress management

EM Geramita, et al, on improvements in mental health related to active participation in an internet support group

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