IGNTD Through Community – in conversation with Dr Adi Jaffe

Welcome to our first interview episode!

Today, on the podcast, we are joined by Dr Adi Jaffe, a podcast host (IGNTD), author (‘The Abstinence Myth’), an addiction recovery expert… and my coach (The IGNTD Heroes Recovery Program).

We discuss how Dr Jaffe’s own drug use led him down an incredibly dark path of being arrested, having a difficult relationship with his family, and finding community in some places that – to the average outsider – would be seen as pretty unsavoury!

Discussing community, we talk about both those darker communities (from when he was dealing drugs), and the more recent community that he has founded – the IGNTD community. We talk about what led him to his purpose of supporting those struggling with addiction, and why community is so important in terms of the journey to wellbeing. 

Dr Jaffe then gets us super excited about the fact that he and his wife, Sophie, are hosting IGNTD GLOW, which is a Los Angeles based wellbeing event in October. We get to hear just a few of the exciting guests that will be joining Team IGNTD.

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