I research, so you don’t have to… An update on the latest groundbreaking mental health research!

So, I’m a research NERD.

I do the research into the latest studies released about mental health, so that you don’t have to. 

Today, I’m talking CHOCOLATE – yes, really! I give you permission to eat more… And also RED WINE – less about encouraging you to drink it, but still…

There’s reassurance for if you feel like you’re having EMOTIONAL side-effects from anti-depressant medication…

Also, if you’re a night owl, there’s some interesting mental health research that says you could become a LARK in just three weeks…

I also offer a RANT on the back of a Cambridge/Chicago/Minnesota study into problematic smartphone usage about why we need BETTER addiction resources!! 


Bristol Uni – bullying and depression

University of Vienna – antidepressants and their effects on empathy

Birmingham University, et al – changing ‘night owl’ behaviours

Matthew Walker’s ‘Why We Sleep’

Baylor College – link between depression and eating

UCL – chocolate and depression

Xuzhou University – reservatrol in red wine and depression

Alternative sources of reservatrol (LiveStrong)

Cambridge University, et al – smartphone use and mental health

IGNTD Heroes program

Dr Adi Jaffe

IGNTD Glow event in Los Angeles, California 

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