From Victim to Victor: Why our emotional mindset matters to moving forward, and my top ten tips for rejecting labels and growing!

“You are NOT the victim”. Those words have brought an incredible amount of CLARITY this week: not because I was being a victim (that was just someone’s opinion), but because it made me realise I’m nothing LIKE a victim anymore.

Remember: sharing our pain does not make us a victim; telling someone how we feel does not make us a victim; having a different recollection / opinion of something does not make us a victim; an in the moment reaction does not make us a victim; being labelled by someone else as such does not make us a victim.

The only thing that makes us victims? Being defined by our victim status, letting it define us, refusing to move forward from toxic energy. It’s all about mindset. 

I’ve also been reading Shaman Durek’s ‘Spirit Hacking’ at the moment, particularly the chapter on the victim mindset – so I feel like the universe is telling me this is an episode I need to produce!

In today’s episodes, I had a good think about some of the situations where I did behave with a victim mentality and how I have changed up the way I now behave. I share my top ten tips on today’s episode!

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