8 Mental Health Mistakes We’re ALL Making… And what to do about them!

Are you caring for your mental health in the best POSSIBLE way? Probably not, right?!

In today’s podcast episode, I share EIGHT things that I’m (aka WE’RE!) doing that are stopping us from moving forward and holding back our growth.

I got SUPER passionate in this episode… and I MAY go off on a few mini rants that express the frustration I feel at how EASY it would be to pull back from these mistakes… and yet how HARD it is to actually do the work!

I’m also pointing out one REALLY important fact: you do not need to be perfect. You can be mediocre. You are still More. Than. Good. Enough.

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your emotional health or mindset is holding you back, then this is the episode for you!!

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