If the bra fits… An interview with Missfits’ Charlotte Chiang on body confidence, feminism and finding the ‘unicorn bra’!

In today’s podcast, I want to introduce you to an AMAZING entrepreneur, who is changing how it FEELS to be a woman! Women entrepreneurs are changing the world right now, and here’s an interview with one of them!

Charlotte Chiang is the founder of Missfits, a bra ‘matchmaking service’… Seriously, ladies, just like the right life partner, the right bra can change your world!

Of course we talk lingerie, the current situation of having most CEOs of companies in that world being male, and so on. But we also touch on feminism (and why it’s NOT anti-feminist to wear a bra)… the lies about bra burning… and why we should all be looking to Poland!

Today’s episode is very much one “for the ladies”, but guys can learn so much here too. Breasts have become such a taboo topic, and they really shouldn’t be – we ALL (whatever gender you take) need to be more open about them.

By being open, we can start to (finally!) acknowledge they come in different shapes and sizes, and they don’t all match what we see on porn movies. Hell no!


Missfits.co website – Charlotte’s company, and where you can find the quiz to matchmake with the best bra for you!

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