Reducing Your News Media Consumption Before It Consumes You

Good news (pun very much intended!), you do NOT need to be a media junkie!

I know that right now we are going through a pretty newsworthy event… BUT when those statistics and stories are doing more harm than good to your mood / mental wellbeing, it’s best to step away. 

You know there are going to be deaths reported, and are they not the same level of tragic, whether the number is 430 or 502 or whatever?

It’s not easy to stop watching the news, and I share some of the ways I’m giving it up, putting boundaries in place, and regaining my control over its consumption. My anxiety and depression have definitely lessened now that I am more constructive around my news viewing.

I also touch on how producing in other ways can distract us from our need to consume 24/7 news articles and TV. 

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