YOU are in Charge of You! 5 Questions to Remind Yourself You’re Still Your Own Person, Even in Lockdown

We’re frequently hearing about how the government has put us in lockdown, in various countries around the world. While this may be PHYSICALLY true, it’s not mentally true.

In your mind, you are the one in charge. No one else. Not the government, not your parents, not your spouse, not your depression, not your anxiety, not your fear, but YOU.

You have the power of self control.

It’s difficult in life in general to remember how much control we have over our own lives, but during the pandemic, that has become even harder. 

Yes, we’re following the rules of physical distancing, but that doesn’t take away our power in so many other areas of life!

In today’s shortie episode, I discuss 5 ways to remind yourself that quarantine is NOT forever, and that you are very much in charge of your reactions to it. 

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