Your Words Matter: Speaking More Authentically To Ourselves

I’m as big as a house.

I’m so stupid, I’m as thick as two short planks.

I have thunder thighs.

NONE of these make sense. They’re blatantly untrue (how can ANYONE be the size of a building?!), nonsensical (what even ARE thunder thighs?!), or simply untrue (I’m not stupid – there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary!).

In today’s short episode, we discuss the importance of how we speak to ourselves, and I talk about how the simple reminder we are good enough can help us in our language.

I also outline why affirmations can be fighting a losing battle against our more negative self talk.

I was inspired to record this after hearing a fabulous interview with the amazing therapist, Marisa Peer, on Lewis Howes’ podcast

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