DO Fence Me In! How boundaries will improve your relationships, work-life balance, and time management

Today, we’re talking boundaries in relationships, commitments and expectations. These are more important than ever right now, while we isolate with loved ones – or, on the contrary, are isolated away from them. 

My husband and I have been working hard on boundaries around our relationship, our work, our time, and our other activities. These are only some of the areas where boundaries make life easier!

It’s so easy to confuse how we define “expectations” vs “boundaries” vs “commitments”, and I share the way I define all three of these. 

I also share my tips for how I work out where my boundaries need to be set – we all have to find the compromise between ideal situations and realism! 

Accountability is important, too: if we have someone who can help us stick to our boundaries, we can go far! 

Don’t forget that while you want others to respect your boundaries, it’s so important to respect theirs too!

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