Reducing Your Alcohol Intake in Lockdown: 5 steps to drinking in moderation

My relationship with alcohol has varied a lot over the years. I was entirely sober for eight years, in AA, but the reality was that I needed to tackle the underlying reasons for drinking. Otherwise, my so-called ‘addiction’ would transfer elsewhere (hellooooo, cookie jar at midnight!). 

Has your drinking increased during quarantine? Mine has… put it this way, if alcohol were a cure all [spoiler alert: it’s not!], I’m never going to get any bug, virus, bacteria right now! 

In today’s Wilde About Wellbeing episode, I share my FIVE steps to reduce or end your drinking RIGHT NOW. How to quit drinking has a different answer for everyone, but it is possible.

We talk about how I’ve found wine tastings have made me WAY more conscious and mindful in my drinking, so that I drink less and enjoy more (shoutout here to virtual versions from Great Western Wine / Enotria and Coe, as well as John Lewis’ Experiences for gin cocktail making!). 

I also let you in on the ‘secret’ non-alcoholic brands that’ll make you think you’re drinking The. Real. Thing. Honestly!!

The terms alcoholic / alcoholism get thrown around a lot, when they’re often not valid. And even if they are valid, who the hell wants to be living under ANY label?!

I talk about the IGNTD programme from Dr Adi Jaffe that has helped me with all areas of my life, along with an awesome offer they have right now for free online group chats. This is great, if you feel you need a little more help getting things back in control. 

More Links

IGNTD Recovery [NB: personal recommendation, I get NOTHING for recommending this to you]

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Skillshare – more great fun to distract from the habit of drinking

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No / Low Alcohol Alternatives I Love: 

Seedlip [gin alternatives]

Ceders [gin alternatives]

Strykk [they do rum, gin, vodka alternatives]

Aecorn [spirit alternatives]

Three Spirit Drinks [spirit alternatives]

Torres [wine alternatives]

Copenhagen Tea [sparkling wine alternatives – both no and low alcohol varieties]

BrewDog Punk AF [beer alternative]

Ambar [gluten free and alcohol free beer alternative]

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