When Your Home Is Your Workplace: 5 ways to distinguish your weekend from your weekdays, and make time for important things

This podcast feels more vital than ever in helping people FIND TIME. I get that many of us are working from home, and the pressure is immense to work 24/7, since we’re now CONSTANTLY in our workplace.

I wasn’t going to post this podcast today, but I realised something important: White people are saying I DON’T HAVE TIME to educate myself on race issues, like it’s an excuse for saying the wrong thing / continuing to promote their products…

We need to make the time, and – frankly – if you’re White and not ALREADY making time to educate yourself on the history of Black oppression, you’re not trying hard enough.

If we don’t have spare time to educate ourselves, we will never learn. And it’s time White people started learning harder about Black history, racism, and why it’s TIME FOR CHANGE.

And part of finding time for the important stuff [the anti-racist movement should be top of your agenda right now, if you’re White] is being able to distinguish weekend from weekdays.

In this podcast, I talk about the ways to distinguish it – everything from only watching certain TV on the weekends, to allowing things other than work to dictate your weekend’s schedule.

Once you’ve worked out how you’re going to separate your weekends from your weekdays, it’s time to also plan how to add some anti-racist / activist content into that.

When you find the weekend, you find time for the important things.

What will you be doing this weekend to educate yourself?

I will be…

🎬 Watching ‘Malcolm X’ (the Spike Lee bio-pic) and ‘When They See Us’ [If you’ve not seen 13th – recommended to me by @dradijaffe a long while ago – prioritise that!]

📖 Reading @laylafsaad ’s ‘Me and White Supremacy’

✍🏻 Signing ALL the important petitions – [you should prioritise @changedotorg petitions for George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubery, Breonna Taylor and Belly Mujinga (not forgetting UK deaths) – links to all these in my bio]

🗣 Having difficult conversations with those around me about race

❤️ Forgiving myself for saying and doing anything wrong – I am learning right now, and I will make mistakes.

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