Are Us White People Whitewashing Black History – Again?! White Saviorism and the Statues

History is written by the [so-called] victors. It always has been.

That’s why I live in a country FILLED with statues of those who oppressed Black people for centuries.

I have no argument in favour of statues dedicated to those who were slavers, BUT are White people whitewashing more history?

You see, the footage of the bringing down of statues worldwide has enthralled me. In many cases (including the one a few miles down the road from me, in Bristol UK), White people are front and centre in pulling them down.

I see that as a problem – those of us who are White should NOT be engaging in this White saviourism. If we are the ones downing statues, are we not just whitewashing history? 

We need to find ways to give the contextualisation of these people, without forgetting them entirely by erasing them. 

I also discuss how things like The Rhodes Trust is now so unconnected with Cecil Rhodes that I simply CANNOT understand why the name / his statue is being defended so vigorously. 

How can we educate kids about the HORRENDOUS treatment of Black and other People of Colour, then and now? Kids need lessons taught by Black educators – this isn’t just about fusty, dusty history lessons, it’s about culture change NOW.

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