We’re a Centenarian: 5 Things I’ve Learned From Recording 100 Podcast Episodes

Ever wondered how it feels to record 100 podcast episodes?! This is a bit of a selfish podcast release. You see, I’m celebrating!!

Today marks the release of my 100th episode – a landmark I never expected to reach!

The truth is that the Wilde About Wellbeing podcast isn’t Joe Rogan’s, y’know, Spotify aren’t going to be offering me a [rumoured] $100m+ rights deal. And that’s what I thought I wanted at the beginning of all of this!

 What my podcast is, though, has become something just as important to me. I love hearing when you find something that resonates – or when you have ideas of what I should be talking about.

I feel closer to my audience than Joe Rogan can feel right now. So, yes, 100 episodes in, I don’t care how many are listening to me – because it only takes one person to hear it and benefit. That’s all it takes to make me realise podcasting is worthwhile and important. 

In today’s episode, I share the top 5 things reaching the big 1-0-0 has taught me!!

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