Prestige Bias: What it is, and why it forces YOU to make bad decisions

“With hindsight, that was a bad decision.” We’ve all said that, yeah? 

And we’ve probably been asked by parents, “If X jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Annoying, right?

But perhaps we are NOT to blame for our desire to copy others, to ignore the logic and plough on regardless. 

PRESTIGE BIAS is exactly this: the people we look up to dictate our actions…

It explains why Republicans are less likely to wear a mask – because up until a few days ago, President Trump refused to do so…

Remember when Oprah bought a 10% stake in WW? We all decided THAT was obviously the best way to lose weight – because Oprah said so…

If I see someone I respect doing something, I am more likely to do it too. 

I discuss the perils of prestige bias in today’s episode, and explain how we can overcome always trusting others’ opinions and decisions as being right for us, too. 

How do we decide who is the RIGHT person to dictate our own prestige bias?!

How do we stop prestige bias making us devalue ourselves and lose self-esteem?

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