Become more trustworthy in 5 simple steps: Learn how to recognise online fake news and stop sharing it!

How often have you been sent a ‘news’ story by someone on Facebook, only to KNOW it’s factually inaccurate?

Trump was right all along: fake news DOES exist. It’s just not normally the news stories HE thinks are fake…

There are all sorts of reasons why fake news gets written in the first place: genuine misunderstanding; propaganda; entertainment; ad revenue from the website the story is placed on, etc. etc.

But what REALLY works for this fake news? You, me and gazillions of people sharing this stuff.

In today’s episode, I share my top five tips to avoid sharing fake news – this is SO important, especially as the US is in election mode, the world is in coronavirus lockdown, and the UK is enduring the realities of Brexit. 

Be responsible in what you share: five simple steps to take before you share what you’re reading. It’ll make you a better and more trustworthy friend and human – because, let’s face it, fake news sharing reflects badly on those of us who share it!

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