Just a Glorified Carrot – How our personal development depends on our growing conditions

Did you know that you’re just a glorified carrot?

Like vegetables, we need conditions to be just right for us to grow.

Water, feeding, sunlight, temperature, greenhouse vs outside, soil, size of container – plants are fussy little creatures, really!

But – newsflash! – where our personal development is concerned, we need to be just as FINICKY! 

Sometimes, we get so out of control that we do things we don’t even know will help us grow – stressed veggie plants do that too, they put out a heap of male flowers, and no fruit.

They are producing pointlessly, simply panicking – and we do the same sometimes. 

But, the truth is, gardeners have learned to treat plants in the optimum way to maximise ripe fruit or flowers. And we can do the same with our progress… we just have to pay attention to what works for us!

Plants just keep growing towards the light, like we grow towards our goals, when the environment is working for us. 

And we have one MASSIVE benefit over plants – they have a limited growing window, but we have every day of our whole lives.

In today’s podcast, I discuss how we owe it to ourselves to create the right personal growth conditions for ourselves and stick to them consistently. Just like that herb plant growing on your windowsill. 

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