The Secret Law of Attraction You’re Already Using That Can Manifest Anything

I didn’t believe manifestation was real until I experienced it for myself. This is my experience, as well as a general introduction to manifesting whatever you want.

Manifestation is not easy to define, but that’s where we should start. It is a process of visualising what I desire, believing it will happen, and then it becoming reality.

It is connected to the law of attraction, and the ability to encourage things that we desire to flow towards us. I literally feel like a magnet, in terms of what I can bring to pass for myself!

It is complicated and there’s a connection to quantum physics that I only vaguely understand. But the truth is that you don’t need to understand manifestation to make it work for you!

If you can visualise, believe, and be patient, you can manifest.

I want to touch on the idea of the frequency of attraction, which strays into quantum physics. You know how you meet someone, and you might say, “Oh I like her vibe” or “His vibe’s a bit off”? We sense the energy (or vibrational frequency) of people we meet.

When we manifest, we vibrate at the same frequency as either what we desire, or gratitude in general. If our vibe is ‘off’, we’re not going to be able to attract the thing we want.

We must be open to whatever the Universe (or God, or Source, depending on your personal beliefs) sends to us. The Universe knows what we need, and we must show gratitude for what we get.

When I began to express aloud my gratitude, I experienced more manifestation success. I now thank the Universe for even the smallest of things that go my way. I am making a consistent effort to ensure that my vibration is always high, always open to receiving.

Our frequency changes from day to day, of course, since we’re not perma-happy and thankful. Despite this, I always make the effort to realign my vibration by making a quick gratitude list in my head. This is the reminder that I am already abundant.

Frequency is like a magnet: it attracts the things that we desire.

There’s something to make clear at this point: our frequency can attract the exact things we don’t want. It would be easy (and reassuring) to assume we only get the things we desire, but that’s not true. We receive those things we think about the most, good or bad.

As a teenager, I was convinced that friends would abandon me. My mind constantly leapt to that thought, and eventually, it happened. My energy was consumed by the things that I didn’t want, so that was exactly what I manifested. The friends left, no doubt also put off by the ‘vibe’ I was giving off.

I wasn’t meaning to do that. It wasn’t consciously intentional, but it had become a subconscious intention. If we concentrate on a single thought for long enough, it will happen, whether good or bad.

We are all manifesting things, even when we don’t realise that we are. I didn’t have a clue that I was manifesting abandonment by my school friends, but I did.

It’s been a learning curve for me to be able to notice when repeated thoughts come up. They generally relate to limiting core beliefs, in my experience. Now, when I notice them come up, I try to view them as opportunities. They are always learning points that alert me to realign myself with what I do want to manifest.

I’ve manifested great things, including flight upgrades and competition wins. The biggest things I’ve manifested are the homes I’ve lived in, and doubling my salary overnight. Each of these things, I visualised in advance. I saw myself living in the houses as I walked around them. I stood in the airport queue believing 100% that I would be sitting in First Class in a few minutes.

I began from a very early age to thrive on a combination of manifesting and being deeply intuitive. At 11, I sat an entrance exam for a private secondary school, and I would find out the following Saturday if I had got in. The only alternative to that school had its own entrance exam that same Saturday.

My mother woke me up on that Saturday and said it was time to get ready for the exam. I said I wasn’t going to take it. I believed that I’d got into my dream school already, and the letter I opened later that day confirmed that. I didn’t want to give the Universe any option to send me to a different school by sitting the second exam.

I often wonder whether it’s intuition rather than manifestation, and the reality is that I’m not sure. My intuitive and manifesting traits combine to make both of those traits stronger. Intuition helps me believe that I will get all I seek – and this enables me to be more patient!

Everything happens in the Universe’s time. I think that I’m ready for the business with $1m a year turnover, which is what I’m currently focussed on. The truth is, however, that it’s obviously not yet the right time because it hasn’t happened. I will not get that business until it’s the best time for me to receive it.

The Universe is our friend. It wants every one of us to be abundant and joyful because abundance is infinite. A friend is not going to give us things we are not yet ready for, or that we haven’t started working towards. It could also be that the Universe doesn’t yet understand exactly what you want.

As well as patience, we need to be able to specify what we seek. Let’s look at an example, and think about wanting a car. If you ask for a car, you could end up with any type of car – even one that needs a lot of repairs, or one that’s very old. Presumably, you know what car you would like, so it’s time to visualise that specific car and all the details about it. Every single detail matters and makes it more likely that you will get what you want.

You can manifest anything you want, with some patience, belief, gratitude, and specificity. You just need to be brave enough to try – you will not regret it, no matter how skeptical you might be.

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