The Little Known Universal Laws That Will Change Your Life – Part 1

There are twelve universal laws, which we are able to use in all areas of our lives. They may seem unscientific, a little ‘woo woo’, but many are based within science. In today’s pod and blog, I’m sharing the first six of them, and asking you to do one thing: have an open mind.

It doesn’t matter if you come to the point of disbelieving the universal laws, believing some but not others. What matters is that you are willing to consider whether they might be applicable in your life.

You can be both skeptical and open-minded.

In science, we accept that there are things we do not understand. It’s the same with the universal laws: we get to choose to regard them as unproven, rather than as false. We make that choice.

Here are the first six of laws, as I understand them, and with some ways in which I see them crop up in my own life.

The Law of Divine Oneness

This law says that everything within the universe is interconnected. To me, this means we are both Creator and Created, intertwined with the source of everything.

The brain is not always able to tell whether an emotion is directed at ourselves or someone else, especially if we’re empaths. If, for example, someone doesn’t hold a door open for us, we feel a sense of frustration or annoyance. That strong feeling is directed at the other person, but the brain cannot always tell this. Thus, we are bringing that emotion against ourselves.

Oneness supports the idea that strong negative feeling could backfire. If we are aggressive, we will feel others are aggressive to us: we are energetically connected.

The Law of Divine Oneness might feel a little too ‘out there,’ but let’s think about the science of substances. We all have the same atomic make-up, whether we are human, animal or inanimate.

Everything is made of molecules, and so we all have the same ingredients.

Science has proven atomic theory, so surely this is evidence we are connected at the most basic level?

The Law of Vibration

Let’s begin by thinking about the structure of an atom. There is a large amount of space within every atom, and electrons move within this space. Even things that are solid are made up of molecules that are moving and vibrating.

Particle movement creates a certain frequency, which attracts the same frequency. Every thing and every person vibrates at a certain frequency.

Our personal frequency makes a difference to how we feel. I know that I often consider myself to be ‘low vibe’, when I’m feeling miserable or tired. And we all know that person who is optimistic and positive who we label as ‘high vibe.’

These phrases are about people giving off a certain vibration. We use these commonly, despite most of us not knowing about the Law of Vibration.

I believe the most vital role vibration plays is in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. If I can ensure my frequency matches that of the thing I want, I am more likely to receive it.

The Law of Correspondence

This law is about the presence of patterns throughout the universe. It is common knowledge that certain patterns appear throughout nature and the universe.

Just as the universe has patterns, we have recurring thoughts or experiences in our own lives.

The idea of ‘correspondence’ is that the patterns repeat themselves internally and externally. It can be summed up as the concept that whatever you are thinking will show up externally.

Personally, the Law of Correspondence has shown up, when I’ve been depressed. For example, when I was feeling a large amount of internal anxiety, my external life was more chaotic.

It is as though the universe is keen to balance the internal and external environments. This reminds me of the way osmosis works to balance water on either side of a cell wall.

Patterns also enable us to determine where our everyday actions no longer serve us. For example, if one is repeatedly dating the wrong people, there is likely a pattern. This pattern might stem from as far back as childhood, but it will be seen to repeat throughout life.

If we become conscious of patterns, we can eliminate or exploit certain patterns in life.

The Law of Attraction

This is a favourite of mine, and I’ve written about it before. It is the law that says that we are able to attract things that we desire to us.

Whatever we focus on will show up in our lives.

When we live as if something has already happened, we are more likely to attract it to us. It may be that we live as though we are already wealthy, or as though we are already jobless. When we believe so hard that we’re rich or unemployed, we vibrate at the frequency that will attract that.

It’s not only about believing something will happen for us, but also acting in a way that welcomes it into your life. To attract financial abundance, you might omit the words, “I can’t afford that” from your vocabulary. On the other hand, you might stop working hard because you presume you’ve lost your job already.

It’s vital to remember that we attract anything we focus on and believe, good or bad.

The Law of Inspired Action

This law relates to the Law of Attraction, since we cannot call in anything without taking action.

Action must be aligned with whatever we are manifesting.

Many who dismiss manifestation do so because they believe it just demands visualisation. This is so untrue!

When we visualise and believe in something, we are taking the first steps towards it. We are communicating to the universe exactly what we want, but we are not showing that we are ready to receive it.

By taking action that is in line with the ultimate goal, we are showing that we are committed to that thing.

You might wonder how to decide what action to take. I know I’ve spent time in the past asking anyone who’d listen what my next steps should be. The word “inspired,” means to me that we already have the answers. I see “inspired action” as demanding that we go within ourselves to assess the right next steps for us.

Manifestation is not conjuring something out of nowhere. It is about visualisation, belief and taking action.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Do not run away at the mere title of this law – I almost did!

This law means that everything within the universe is always changing, or able to change.

Everything is in a more or less constant state of flux.

It is this constant state of change that enables our frequency to change. How often have you gone to a concert and noticed the sudden shift in the room’s energy when the lead act comes on stage? It would be very difficult to stand in that venue and not be affected by the energy or frequency change.

Our frequency can be changed by whatever frequency is surrounding us. If I feel low vibe and spend some time with someone who operates at a higher frequency, I will feel happier. I will thrive on their energy to the extent it changes my own.

This is an exciting realisation, as it means that we can change our emotions. Spending time with a more positive person, or even visualising a high vibe event, can shape our mood.

In conclusion, I hope that some of these laws resonate with you. There’s no need to take and use all six of them: take what you need, what you’re willing to believe in. I hope that you’ll join me again next week for the second half of these laws: they can teach us a lot, if we trust in them.

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