The Universe’s 5 Insider Secrets That Will Turbocharge Your Life

If there were five things the Universe would say to us, I think these would be them.

“Abundance is yours”

How often do we say things that are disparaging of our ability to get what we want?

“I’m not good enough to do that.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“That will never be mine.”

All these statements stem from a scarcity mindset. This is the belief that there will never be enough of whatever you want. You are seeing a world where resources, such as money, are finite, rather than infinite.

If money, for example, was a finite resource, it would mean that it would be shared across everyone. If this were true, once a person attracted a certain level of wealth, they’d stop earning more. There wouldn’t be a large enough supply of money for so much to be ‘invested’ in one person. That’s not the case: rich people get wealthier because they believe in themselves and a lack of scarcity.

The Universe wants us to understand that everything is in abundance.

Everything we want is available to us if we take the actions that get us there.

“Patterns are important”

In the world, there are many repeated patterns, such as spirals, symmetries, and so on. The fact that these are found regularly tells us that nature sees what works and then keeps using it.

It becomes clear that if something is successful, nature keeps using it. Similarly, evolution causes useful features to be assimilated into the human form.

The Universe knows which systems prove advantageous, and exploits them by repeating them.

What if we looked harder for the patterns in our lives? To succeed in life, we need to try to eliminate negative patterns and exploit positive ones.

If you’re always getting into conflict with a partner over the same thing, it’s worth looking for patterns. These may stem from childhood, and you will see them repeating throughout your whole life. You can only work on eliminating them once you are aware of them.

Patterns can also be positive, of course. An entrepreneur who becomes wealthy through a process will repeat it to gain more riches. They’ve found a pattern worth exploiting.

“You will attract what you focus on”

The universe wants to be our friend. The universe does not want to send us bad stuff, but it is hardwired to supply us with whatever we are asking for.

Think of being a parent with a toddler, and the toddler asking for candy. The parent knows the child should be eating healthier snacks, rather than sugar. Even the best parent will sometimes be so pushed to their limit by the toddler’s behaviour that they buy the candy.

I believe the Universe is like that parent – eventually, it gives in to give you something that isn’t good for you. Perhaps the Universe realises sometimes we need to be taught a hard lesson about what we should focus on.

If our thinking and action are not aligned with what we want, we’re going to attract whatever they are aligned with.

Be careful what you wish for, subconsciously, or not.

“You can change your energy, and other people’s”

You do not have to sit in low vibe, low-frequency misery. You have the choice to change it.

Think about when you’re spending time with someone who is cheery and positive: you feel lifted too, don’t you?

Deciding to spend time with high vibe people is a choice that will raise your energy and positivity.

If you don’t know people who lift your mood, you can visualise a better state, and begin to raise your energy yourself.

The majority of us want to live in the most high frequency, positive way we can. We want to be grateful and optimistic – not least of all because that’s what attracts everything we want to us.

We choose our mood.

“You know the right actions to take”

I used to spend a lot of time looking for validation from others, rather than taking action. This wasted my time, let me procrastinate, and stopped me connecting deeply to myself.

One of the universal laws is the Law of Inspired Action, and the word “inspired” implies the answers are within us. Whatever our end goal, the next step to take is something we can think of for ourselves.

We need to listen to ourselves, to believe in ourselves, and then to take the steps we feel compelled towards.

These are five things I think the Universe would probably scream at us if it thought that would make us do them! They’re certainly five things I’ve adopted into my own life, and I’ve become more successful by doing so.

It’s easy to write them off as ‘woo woo’ or spiritual nonsense, but the truth is that it really doesn’t matter. If you believe in them, they will make your life better, no matter where you think they stem from.

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