Shh! The Universe Is Speaking to You

I’ve previously shared five things I think the universe wants us to know. Here are five more for you to ponder.

We have the power to cause any outcome

This is related to the law of cause and effect. Everything that happens to us, every effect that we see in our lives, is because we thought or visualized it. We have caused every outcome that we experience.

I have sat in the past, thinking that the world has been against me, or that I’m unlucky. The truth is that the only one responsible for the outcomes I’ve seen has been me. Acknowledging this is admitting that I’ve caused negative things in the past. It also lets me see I can bring about better outcomes.

The universe says we are responsible for the effects we see in our lives, good or bad, dependent on our thinking.

By changing our thinking, we can change our future.

Every effort that benefits others will be rewarded

It’s easy to believe we don’t get enough rewards, but the universe will give us whatever compensation we deserve. It may also be the case that the reward doesn’t come immediately, and this has been my experience.

I am learning to trust that the universe will reward me as it sees fit, and at the most appropriate time.

Of course, this runs both ways, and if I decide to be overly mean to others, I will likely receive that back too. Karma can go either way.

Everything is on a continuum

We often see everything at one extreme or the other – we see ourselves as happy or sad, hot or cold, active or inactive. We seem to forget that we are usually somewhere between those two extremes.

Since we choose our thoughts, we decide where we are on the continuum. We have the opportunity to think outside of just the two extremes.

Where emotions are concerned, we can choose to sit at a different point on the scale. We don’t have to be at the ‘perfect’ extreme: we thrive on being moderately happy, rather than needing to be ecstatic.

Nothing is forever

“I’m never going to feel better. This cold is going to last forever.”

I’ve said things like that in the past, and every time, I have recovered. That cold or flu has never lasted indefinitely.

Similarly, on our most emotional days, it’s easy to convince ourselves we will feel this bad forever. Life, though, acts like a pendulum that swings from one side to the other, from happy to depressed. This means there’s always the potential for the pendulum to swing back in the other direction.

We’re all moving towards one extreme or the other. We will move back in the opposite direction at some point.

We are all masculine AND feminine

We have both masculine and feminine energy, whatever gender we identify as. Different situations benefit from different types of energy.

If I’m a CEO at an accounts meeting, for example, I would lean harder into my masculine, analytical energy.

Meanwhile, if I was discussing an employee’s illness, my feminine, empathetic energy would be useful.


The universe is working in our favour – it is our friend and wants us to do well. To thrive, we need to give the universe reasons to benefit us and help us to grow in life.

We need to take action that is aligned with getting the best out of the universe. We should remember that what we think about most will be what the universe bases our lived experience on.

We get to choose our lived experience through the beliefs that we cultivate within.

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