Five Quick Start Tips to Manifest Everything You Desire

Sometimes I just want someone to tell me what the HECK to do to get what I want. Today, I’m doing just that with a super speedy set of tips to kickstart your manifestation practice. Or to get it off a plateau.

Start a Gratitude Journal

This is a gamechanger, whether you’re looking to manifest or not. Every morning or evening (or, if you’re really aiming for brownie points, both!) write down three things that you’re thankful for.

There will be days that you struggle – I do too. Did the sun rise today? Did a friend reach out and text you? Did you have a great win on Candy Crush?

There is always something to be grateful for.

And when you’re grateful for what you get, the universe responds.

Gratitude attracts gifts from the universe.

Visualise in Detail

I have a manifestation notebook, as well as a gratitude journal. In this notebook, not only do I express my thanks for the things I manifest, but I also write down what I’ve visualised.

You need to visualise what you want in specific, through-the-magnifying-glass detail. This is not easy to start with. It’s taken me a long time to simply write down what I’ve visualised, rather than journal about the whole shebang.

When starting out, try freewriting your desire before you visualise it in meditation.

Here are some starter questions to get those imaginative juices oozing!
What do you want?
When do you want it? (NB: the universe mostly does things in its own time, but you can try!)
What colour / size / brand / value (etc.) should it be?
How will it feel to have it?
How will it change your life?
How will it impact those around you?

Remember my lottery win of -30p from the last blog? That’s why we visualise!

This is not helicopter detail – this is down and dirty detail.

Start Small

What was your first manifestation? Whatever it was, I’m almost certain it will have been too big – too much of a stretch for a first-timer.

Some people do manifest huge things on their first attempt, but very few of us are that successful. So we need to think small.

I have a glorious story a friend shared a few days ago. She told herself she’d see a ladybug – just a plain ol’ ladybug. Nothing special. An hour or two later, she was scrolling Insta and happened to stop on a photo of a dog – cute, right? Even cuter? It had a ladybug right there on its nose.

Ladybug – manifested!

Small things are special too – remember to show gratitude for them.

Commit to Daily Actions

You can’t simply say you want something, visualise it and expect it to arrive in your life. We need to create the right environment for it to come to us, and we do that by committing to aligned action.

What does aligned action look like? It’s when you do something that is a step towards whatever end goal it is that you’re manifesting. In my case, I’m trying to hit one million podcast downloads, so a step might be publicising my episodes on Twitter.

The action doesn’t necessarily have to be the ‘right’ one (does that even exist most of the time?!). The universe simply needs to see that you are attempting to progress towards what you’re asking for.

I use a habit tracking app to ensure that every day, I take an action towards whatever I’m manifesting.

One commitment a day keeps the universe on your side.

Affirm Your Desires

I have affirmation alarms on my phone, multiple times a day. They are my reminders of what I’m striving for, and to pull myself out of any kind of negative thinking during the day.

What quotes inspire you?

What affirmations do you want to be able to embrace?

A few of my current favourites:
“I am wealthy and abundant.”
“There’s always more [money/time/energy] where that came from.”
“The universe is rigged in my favour.”

Your affirmations keep you in a zone of abundance and receiving.


And that’s it: five steps to a manifestation quick start. There aren’t many areas in life that I feel comfortable saying, “Just do this, it’ll work,” but this is definitely one of them! I know these tips work.

These behaviours worked for me: they’ll work for you too.

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