You Need a Bucket List Now – It’s Not Like You’re Not Already Dying

In this super speedy episode and blog, I give you the five areas to think about when you’re writing your living bucket list. You’ll definitely benefit from having read / listened to the last episode before you kick off with your bucket list.

So what would you do if you could fully accept that you were dying? Because – spoiler alert – you are. I am. Everyone is. We are all dying.

We are put on this planet to die.

Death gives us the gift of life. Then, at some point, takes it away from us. Thus, why would we not lean into the fact that we’re dying and make our life the best it could be?

That’s where the living bucket list comes in, and I suggest you compose it by looking at five main areas. Before we begin, one super important caveat: do not think in terms of your current circumstances. Do not hold yourself back from listing the dreams just because right now you feel like you don’t have the time, money, ability to do them.

The things on your bucket list don’t have to be one-off, grand events. My bucket list, for example, includes the way I want to behave in life, how I wish to come across to the world, and the general impact I desire.

Area One: Self

Who are you?
Who do you want to show up as in life?
What values do you hold?
Are there elements of your alter ego that will play into your bucket list?
What fires you up?
What’s your purpose in life?
What are your intentions?
What’s your first thought every morning?
Are there superficial elements – weight, appearance – that you would like on your bucket list?

Area Two: Partnership

Do you even want a partner?
If you’re not married, is that something you’d like?
How do you want to show up in your relationship?
What do you need to do to help that relationship thrive?
How do you spend your time together?
Do you share household tasks?
If you’re not in a partnership, what sort of characteristics are you looking for in your person?

Area Three: Friends and Family

Who do you want to show up as in your friends and family groups?
What things do you want to do with them?
Are social events your thing – anything in particular that you want to do?
How often do you want to be in touch with your mates or your parents?

Area Four: Career

What do you want to do for work?
Do you want to be an entrepreneur, or work for someone else?
If someone else, who do you want to work for?
What field do you want to work in?
Who do you want to serve or help?
Do you have a goal for your impact on the world? (e.g. 1 million people have taken your course)
What hours do you want to work?
Where do you want to work?

Area Five: Fun

What are your big bucket list items?
Are there places you want to travel to? (Machu Picchu is my ‘biggie’!)
What leisure activities do you want to spend more time on?
Is your self-care routine already the best it could be?
Do you dream of a showstopper wedding, or a grand party?


Now the work starts. How are you going to make all of those things come to fruition?

It may be that many of these need you to manifest something – a partner; money; or something else. That’s the first step towards being able to live in alignment with your greatest desires.

Some of your living bucket list items won’t be one-offs, and so you may need to develop habits that ensure they become a part of your life. What habits do you think you’ll need, and how can you make sure that you’re doing them?

Life is short. Even if we lived to 300 years of age, relative to the, sort of the age of the earth, the solar system, the stars, we would still be living a tiny slice of time in this world. It’s time to start living as though you’re dying – because you are.

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