Not Getting Anywhere In Life? You’re Swimming Upstream – Allow Yourself To Float and Find Alignment


And I’m not talking yoga here….

When I feel in flow, I am floating along the river of the universe, trusting I am where I am supposed to be.

When I stray out of this alignment, I feel like I’m FIGHTING against everything. Life feels difficult.

I know that when I am out of alignment, I’m letting my EGO row the boat…

That’s ALWAYS a bad idea, since my ego wants to push against the tide.

It looks at what OTHERS think is right for me…

It holds me back from being in the flow of doing what I want to do.

When I choose to be in flow, life feels EASY.

I feel like I am seeing progress.

If our growth is summed up by experiences, imagine how far you travel when in flow…

Versus swimming AGAINST the current.

The only experience in a state of resistance is one of not getting anywhere.

You cannot grow, unless you allow yourself to float, to be in alignment, to FLOW.

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