You’ll Experience Growth More Quickly By Taking These FIVE Tips For Alignment


I was ADDICTED to the struggle of swimming against my intuition. 

I lived on ‘shoulds’ – always based on what I believed that others wanted for/from me. 

Then I’d MOAN… 

“Oh, poor me, life is so HARD.”

“Why do others have it easier than me?”

“The world hates me.”

Are any of those feelings familiar, love?

They began to feel comfortable for me… 

They were what I used as an excuse to keep FIGHTING against listening to my INNER VOICE.

Don’t get me wrong, even now, life can feel choppy!

And it’s then that I have to ask myself two super important questions…

  1. Am I making this journey choppy?
  2. Do I NEED this choppiness for my growth?

You see, the Universe sends us obstacles and difficulties to overcome so that we GROW.

Life is not about avoiding choppiness entirely. 

Life is about recognising WHO / WHAT is causing that choppiness…

If it’s your ego, then all you’re achieving is yet more pain / annoyance. 

If it’s the universe, then you’re experiencing profound growth. 

In today’s podcast episode, I discuss this, and four other things to think about when trying to fall into FLOW. 

Alignment with your goals means you travel faster – can you afford to miss these five tips to get what you want quicker?! 

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