The Answer To Getting Stuff Done, Avoiding Procrastination, and Silencing Fear? Confrontation

⁣My reptilian brain isn’t my best friend. It’s not yours either.
Unless you’re being chased by a leopard, in which case it’s gonna save your life.

The most primal part of the brain is designed for 4 vital functions… feeding, fleeing, fighting, and… reproduction!⠀

It has always been vital to our survival (it’s also fundamental for things like breathing and heart rate), BUT…⠀
The reptilian brain is not as useful in everyday situations as it was thousands of years ago. ⠀

Just imagine: you’re a scantily clad early human. ⠀
You’re part of a tribe, made up of multiple ‘families’.⠀
In terms of protection, you have rudimentary weapons – and, most importantly, the protection of your fellow tribe members.⠀

The primal brain would ensure that you emerged unscathed from hunting for food. ⠀

It would ensure that you remained part of your tribe (since separation from them could spell death). ⠀
It was essentially a DEATH warrant, if the primal brain didn’t kick in when it needed to. ⠀

But now, what’s your wild boar hunt threat equivalent, love?⠀
Sitting at a boardroom table, arguing with your boss?!
Putting off opening that email from your mother?!
Working out how to tell your BFF you want a cosy night in front of Netflix, rather than an evening out?!

NONE of those are life or death threats, right?⠀

It doesn’t matter if your boss agrees with you…⠀
That email from your mother is not going to kill you…⠀
It’s pretty unlikely your girlfriend is going to disown you for turning her down…⠀

That’s the problem with the reptilian part of the brain – we don’t know how to manage it.⠀

Once we work on managing the situations that trigger it, we can live our lives with more HAPPINESS and less FIGHT OR FLIGHT. ⠀

In today’s podcast episode, I’m talking about CONFRONTATION….⠀
Not necessarily with people, but maybe…⠀
More about the reasons we avoid things on our to do lists…⠀
The reasons why we procrastinate, instead of action…⠀

And, of course, the reasons why confronting your fears is the best way to live your life. ⠀

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