Stop Putting Things Off – 5 Tips to Confront Everything You Want To

What are you putting off – and why?

I HATED phone calls…

I’m still not someone who is on the phone regularly.

I would procrastinate about every call I had to make.

Or I would delegate it to someone else.

Having to handle accounting queries at work did MAKE me confront the fear of phones.

I was being called multiple times a day.

It was only by analysing the stories in my life that I saw where this fear of the phone came from.

My dad was an incredibly hard working vet.

In the early years of my life, he was on call most nights.

I came to associate the phone ringing with him and my mum having to leave for a veterinary emergency.

Dinners interrupted.

Film nights cut short.

Board games folded away early.

I associated the phone with an end to ‘playtime’.


There was the reason I didn’t like the phone.

There was the reason I put off phone calls.

Only by acknowledging this story was I able to see how unhelpful it was to me.

In today’s podcast, I share how to get over the stories from your past – AND four other tips for confronting your to do list!

Let’s stop putting things off for good!

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