Hope Is NOT A Strategy for Long Term Success – Here’s What You Must Prioritise Instead

You’re wishing and hoping in the WRONG DIRECTION.

“I hope I pass the exam!”
“I wish I could visit Aruba!”
“I hope I become a millionaire!”

“I wish… I hope… I wish!”

Hoping for something entails DOUBT.

If I HOPE for a certain outcome, I’m acknowledging that an alternative is possible.

“I hope I pass the exam” is NOT the same as “I will pass the exam!”
The hoping implies there’s a possibility of not passing.

The energy we put out when we hope for something is DOUBTFUL.

You’re not telling the Universe what you want to happen, love, if you’re giving the option of not passing that exam!

I now commit to the “I will pass this exam” comment…
But I know this might be hard for you, love – it was a leap for me to get to the point of disallowing doubt!

So in today’s podcast episode, I talk about the FIRST STEP to moving away from hope to reality!

That is being grateful for what you currently have.
That was the first secret, for me, to stopping the doubt that pervaded my thoughts.

If I could become grateful, I was telling the universe what I wanted more of.

I was indirectly informing the universe of what I knew (based on previous experience) could happen.

Gratitude over hope. You will not regret it.

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