5 Ways To Prioritise Gratitude – And Why It’ll Help You WAY More Than Wishing and Hoping!

Do you worry that being grateful for what you have NOW is complacency? I used to…

I mean, it makes some logical sense, right?
I say ‘thank you’ for, say, 1lb of weight release.
My subconscious / the Universe thinks, “Oh right, you’re happy with a 1lb?”
I never lose more than 1lb.

But that’s simply NOT TRUE.

My experience is more like this…

“Wow, subconscious, universe, body, thank you for the 1lb of weight release. You RAAAAAWK!!”
“Yay, so glad you’re pleased! Now we know how much you like weigh release, we’ll give you more!”
“Gee, 2lb released this week!? Thanks so much! I’m like a weight release MAGNET!”

In today’s podcast episode, I’m talking about how we can be grateful WITHOUT blocking ‘more, more, more’!!

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