Hi, I’m Jessica

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I can’t wait to come with you on your journey to wellness!

I am not perfect.

It has taken me a lifetime to accept that, say it out loud, and feel a sense of pride in my imperfection.

If I wasn’t imperfect, I couldn’t be on this journey of exploration – the safari into my soul that is tough as hell at times, but which also reveals fun adventures at EVERY. SINGLE. TURN!

I’ve never been afraid of sharing with others – and I have found that I can direct that openness to help others. People like YOU!

I was bored of hearing about people’s perfect lives on Instagram: most wellness podcasts and websites revolve around someone who has it ALL. FIGURED. OUT. Their words felt inaccessible to me, their issues – as people who have already been on this journey – are so different to mine.

I listen to interviews and wonder why the questions are for people who are already close to being where they want to be. I want to ask the different questions: I want to ask the questions that are relevant to those who are ON. THE. JOURNEY.

What are you searching for in your life?

Balance? Calm? An exciting future?

You’re in the right place!

I don’t like hypotheticals: I like real advice, real science, real connection. I want you to identify with me, with those I interview, and to feel embraced, loved, and supported on YOUR journey.

The boring stuff about me is that I’m a Brit girl, who lives in Bath in the UK, with my husband and two dogs. I have an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (yawn!), MAs in Creative Writing, Classical Languages, and Philosophy, and a Diploma in Dog Behaviour… I’ve always been trying to find the thing that WORKS for me. I’m still searching.

Join the search with me, maybe we’ll BOTH make some discoveries along the way. And, if we don’t, I promise laughter, honesty and purity!

Join my journey: solo travel is cool, but group travel is THE BOMB.

Family Background

I live with my husband, Simon, and we are joined by two small dogs, who – let’s face it – rule the household!

Our lifestyle enables us to travel as much as we want to: in the photo, we were just heading off to an incredible villa on Koh Samui in Thailand.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to jump on a plane, sip Champagne in Business Class, WHENEVER you like? It’s not everything – wellness is waaaay more than having the money to do nice things, but it’s certainly part of it!