What’s your ritual? A look at habits and how we can use them as building bricks for rituals that improve our lives

We all have habits, whether we’re aware of them or not. 

We all have rituals, too, but what if we could make conscious decisions to form rituals that help us meet our goals?

Maybe you want to develop a ritual to sleep better? To improve your self care? To spend more time with your partner? To help others? This episode lets you in on the secret of how to build a ritual!

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0-3: Introduction to today’s topic

3-17: Defining ‘ritual’ and ‘habit’.

17-30: Talking about my own experiences, with habits and rituals.

30-34: Quote of the episode.

34-36: How rituals can descend back into simple habits.

36-40: Rituals that don’t serve us.

40-58: Building new rituals.

Quote of the Episode:

Standards are great, but they only stand up with rituals that support them

Tony Robbins

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